Monday, July 3, 2017

Lying Eyes

I know I needed glasses, but I still could plainly see

You  hadn't changed a bit from how you used to look to me

I have no explanation for the way you looked that night

I still remember what I saw and know it wasn't right

This is a story that I have never written. You won't find this one in Mr. Joe or anywhere else. I have told this one to Jane, but I hesitated to share it any further. When I wrote about seeing ghosts, that seemed normal in my life and I was comfortable with it. This is an entirely different matter.

About five years ago there was a class reunion at our high school in West Virginia. All classes were welcomed so Jane and I decided to take a road trip.

After so many years you might expect me to forget some names and not recognize faces. That's all true except for one person. It was a girl that I had dated in high school. I saw her walking down the hall and I could not believe it. She looked exactly like she did back in the sixties. Even when she was close to me I couldn't see any difference from how she looked fifty years earlier. Her hair was long and identical to the way she wore it her senior year. Her skin was smooth and showed no signs of aging.

I could have justified this if I had seen her from a distance, but that was not the case. We spent fifteen to twenty minutes discussing old times and catching up with each other. Then, she left to join some other friends to look through our old classrooms. Shortly after that Jane and I left and headed for home.

I would have dismissed all of this if it weren't for one thing. A week or so later I saw something that I could not explain. I saw a picture of her at the reunion and she looked completely different.

She was always attractive, but the picture showed someone in her sixties. It showed a lady with short dark hair and wearing different clothes than I remembered.

I don't know how any of this could have been possible, but the eyes don't lie...or do they? Do you sometimes see people the way you remember them? This has only happened once in my life. Once was enough for me.