Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jury Duty

I'm sorry that we're meeting in a courtroom.

But, I've been called to listen to your case.

Please try to make the twelve of us believe you

It's up to us what future you will face.

I have had many experiences in my lifetime. Some were wonderful and some were painful. We learn from both and each contributes to making us the person we are today.

One thing I have always wanted to do and never have had the opportunity is to serve on a jury. I have never been asked and I have to wonder why. I have been a licensed driver since the sixties and the first person I ever voted for was a peanut farmer. That means I have had half a century to be called.

 Most people seem to hate the thought of serving on a jury. I guess I would too if it caused me the loss of income or time away from my family. Since I was a single parent I can absolutely understand where they are coming from. You want to fulfill your obligations as a citizen, but you have to put your family first. That is why I might have solved the problem of selecting a jury.

 I am a retired, card carrying member of AARP and also a recipient of social security, Medicare, and a pension. For the most part, I am covered financially and don't need to seek employment if I choose not to. The problem I do have since I am single is what to do each day.

 I live in a nice apartment complex, but that means there is no lawn care or maintenance required. A house makes no sense to me at my age and in my situation.

 Now, back to my solution. Most appointments that I schedule have been with doctors, with the exception of a monthly haircut. My sister told me about how seniors obsess about appointments and I understand it now. It seems I can't leave home without spending money and seniors have a lot of time on their hands.Why not put the time to use and solve the problem that some seniors are facing. Being alone and lacking contact with the outside world.

 Make jury duty voluntary. Ask the ones who would relish the opportunity to have their opinions mean something. I would do it full-time if I could. I think it would be interesting and I think I could add a positive note. Look at it from my point of view. It's a chance to get out and even make a few bucks. It's also a chance to meet people your age and see that your opinion is valuable.

 The only downside I see is this. If you are on trial for trespassing on someone's yard, you might not want your jurors to look like Fred or Ethel Mertz.That was a senior reference and not meant for everyone.

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