Monday, May 15, 2017

Bad Memories

I'm sorry that I spoke too soon and told you how I felt

At least I know I'm getting soap and not my father's belt

I can't say that I like the taste because I have no choice

When you are in the second grade you really have no voice.

Every once in a while another memory pops into this balding head. I have decided to write down the ones that influenced my life the most. Maybe not for the better, but still an influence.

When I was in the first or second grade there was a punishment that became fairly commonplace. Anytime I said something that my mother didn't like, I would get another escorted trip to our bathroom.

No, I didn't get spanked or lectured like most of my friends. I got the privilege of eating soap in order to clean out my mouth. I got to take the "I" out of Ivory in a manner of speaking. There was a special bar of soap that was used to punish me. Each time I said the wrong thing I got to bite the soap and drink a tall glass of water. After all, what good does soap do without adding water?

The special bar of Ivory was there for a reason. Each time I bit, I had to make sure that I took out another letter. I guess there was a minimum child dosage.

I reached the point where I finally kept my mouth shut. I would go upstairs to my room and put a pillow over my head and let out all of my feelings. I wanted to make sure that no one heard me. After all, you don't want more soap than you need.

It reached the point where I was afraid to say anything about how I was, either mentally or physically. That's a tough lesson for a six-year-old to learn, but it's one that I still haven't forgotten. At some point in your life, you need to let friends or family know if something is wrong, but old habits die hard.

I have always tried to listen to my sons. I always encouraged them to let me know when they needed any kind of help. I wanted to know if there were any serious problems.I never want them to hide their head under a pillow. Soap should be used for cleaning the body and not for punishment. I am sure that Ivory soap is a great product. In fact, it is manufactured about twenty miles from where I now live. But, I have never bought a single bar. I have had my fill of it.

Maybe writing about this will help me in the future. At some point, you have to let it out. You eventually run out of pillows.