Wednesday, March 15, 2017

"Window Shopping"

We don't have to have it right away, the World's not going to stop.

Learn to have some patience and then learn to window shop.

Waiting isn't all that bad and can be good for you.

So, take the time before you buy to just enjoy the view

There are so many memories that never made it to "Mr. Joe". I thought I had told everything but my shoe size and blood type in my story, but I wasn't even close. You would think that over a six- year period I would have covered everything. You would be wrong. It seems like every day I remember something else that I would have included in my memoir. Here is the latest:

When I was growing up in West Virginia there was a time when most, if not all businesses were required to be closed on Sunday. There were no department stores allowed to remain open until the "Blue Law" was passed which allowed them to do business on the Sabbath.

This came to mind when I started thinking about "window shopping". I remember looking forward to going to Charleston just to look at the fashions and displays of each store. The drive to Charleston was seventy miles round trip and took about an hour each way. By the time you would drive around so many mountain turns you might actually drive fifty miles in order to reach a destination thirty- five miles away.

We would have to dress in our nice cloths on these trips. We went into this day knowing that we weren't going to actually shop or purchase anything , but for some reason I still looked forward to it. Sometimes we would even have to wait behind another family or two before we got our turn to stand in front of the windows.

I'm not completely sure why this story came to mind, but I do think that it gives us something to think about. When I was growing up, the anticipation of  getting something that I wanted was fun. I was not raised to assume that everything had to come right away or that I was automatically deserving to receive it.

I think somewhere along the line that way of thinking has disappeared. People are no longer willing to wait for the time when they actually can afford something. Everything has to happen right away. It wouldn't hurt to have a little of that old school mentality these days. Who knows? You might just enjoy it.