Friday, March 6, 2015

Retirement Day

I stopped by to visit  a good friend today. He was also my supervisor during my years working as a school custodian. He showed me something that he had posted on his office wall. It was a poem I had given him the day I retired. I talked about the things that I dealt with during an average day and what all the teachers would ask for. I hadn't seen it since 2010, but I thought you might enjoy it.

          I can't do the work I used to do, my body's way too slow
          I seem to get much slower every day
          I'm quitting  while I'm able, gonna' turn my ID in
          I can't seem to cut the mustard any way

         Some friends have been insisting, to know things I won't be missing
         So I thought I'd try to mention one or two
         The running in the halls and graffiti on the walls
         The codes that ranged from green to navy blue

          I'm sick and tired of toilets overflowing
          Because a roll of toilet paper's crammed inside
          They can't seem to make them stop it
          So they call me up to mop it
          And stand there till the floor's completely dry

          Please come and dump our trash once more,
          It's starting to run over on the floor
          And would you try to sort it, just so people won't report it
          We're starting to go green once more.

          We need some copy paper if you please
          We're really not concerned about the trees
          And while you're bringing more, would you please unlock a door
          There's a teacher who's forgotten all her keys

          There's something that I really need to tell you
          Sorry, but it's something I forgot
          Please set up a hundred chairs and twenty tables
          The guests are starting to pull in the parking lot

          I guess we should have told you sooner
          Since we knew about it several weeks ago
          But, we never seem to let up, giving you another setup
          Most times we never even let you know

          A student's gotten sick in our classroom
          Could you come and bring your mop and bring your broom
          Would you hurry up and clean it, before more kids have seen it
          My next class is supposed to start at noon

         I have ants all across my floor
         I don't remember having them before
         I know that we don't need them
         They're just here because we feed them
         Cakes and chips and juice and so much more.