Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Moving Day

                      I think I heard that child again when he jumped off the chair

                      Or else there is a cattle drive that's taking place up there

                      This happens to me all day long and well into the night

                      It seems to me that people ought to treat their neighbors right.

I remember times in Glen Ferris when best friends would move away. Sometimes it might be to a nearby town, but sometimes they would move hundreds of miles and out of my life. I remember how bad it felt to lose those friends and the void it created.

After my divorce over three decades ago, my sons and I lived in many places. I rarely got to know people well enough to miss them when they moved and it probably went mostly unnoticed when I left the area. My sons were a different story. They made friends quickly so I'm sure they felt the loss.

Earlier in the week I lost another neighbor, but don't bother passing the Kleenex. The neighbor lived in the apartment directly above me and has made my day, week and year by moving. She is a single mom with a five year old son. I hope she is going someplace where she will be happy. I know that it will be a celebration here!

I can't be certain, but I suspect that they may have been a mother and son clogging team. That would explain the bits of ceiling plaster scattered throughout   my apartment. They might even have been practicing for their debut with Riverdance. I do know that they had very little consideration for anyone living close to them and there will be no tears shed by any of us.

When I became a single parent in the early eighties it was quite different. There were apartment complexes that accepted children and there were others that were called adult communities that did not. I didn't like it, but I had to live with it for several years until the laws changed and it was no longer legal to discriminate against families with children.

Everyone should be able to enjoy their home. They should be allowed to unwind after a busy day without wearing a hard hat to protect them from falling plaster. They shouldn't need earplugs to soften the sounds of a  child screaming like a banshee at midnight. I understand that things don't always go as planned. I learned that a long time ago as a single father with young sons. I have also learned that a large part of the problem is  lack of consideration of the adults. Of course, this is only my opinion.