Thursday, May 16, 2013

Wrong Turns or Right Turns?

                                                                  I thought I'd better make another pit stop
                                                                  I didn’t trust my kidneys for the drive
                                                                  I don’t think many people would admit this
                                                                  But, thanks to this man’s bladder, I’m alive.

A few years back I was getting ready to leave for my oldest son’s birthday dinner. Mike isn’t the type to appreciate a surprise party and being subjected to balloons and the servers singing to him during the meal. That is one more piece of evidence that the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. Mike would always get to pick the restaurant and it was an evening that he looked forward to. It would be a good meal with close friends and family.

After I had driven a block or so, I got to thinking about the forty-five minute drive to the restaurant. I decided to do what many senior citizens would do if put in the same situation: I went home and used the bathroom. At some point in the aging process, the kidneys develop a mind of their own. You cannot “hold it forever” as you once did in your youth.

As I approached the on ramp to the expressway, I saw the traffic was routed around that immediate area. It seemed like every emergency vehicle available was right there in my way. Was everyone against me attending my son’s dinner? Was it too much to ask to be able to pass quickly?

As I drove closer I saw that there had been a terrible accident and it had happened within the last few minutes. In fact, I got two flat tires from the glass that seemed to cover both lanes of traffic. I missed my son’s birthday celebration that evening, but I learned a valuable lesson.

We don’t have all the answers and sometimes you have to trust in someone or something. Did going to the bathroom delay me enough to keep me out of harm’s way? In my mind it did, but someone else might just say I was lucky. It did change the way I think about things.

If I’m in a traffic jam it doesn’t bother me like it once did. If I take the wrong turn and add time to my trip, I no longer complain or worry about it. I always make sure I have plenty of gas and also good company when I can make that happen. I believe that I am in a certain place at a certain time for a reason. Sometimes, mistakes aren’t mistakes at all. Sometimes they might be second chances. I know, because I got one that night.

So, the next time you take a wrong turn or miss your exit, don’t be so quick to get angry. If you encounter bumper to bumper traffic on your way to or from work, don’t go into some road rage mode. Sometimes things happen for a reason and we don’t always have to know why. Sometimes we just get “lucky”.